Sunday, January 23, 2011

For Sandra's Transition

Dear Sandra,
Even as we who love you
Gather round
To celebrate your departure
With tears.
Your beloved departed ones
Gather there
To welcome you home
With laughter and shouts of joy.
We celebrate your being here with
Being Itself in history.
In gratitude for our shared community this time around.
On page 45 of my book, I tell about a surprise phone call from LiDona Wagner and Sandra True to let me know they were supporting me in my lymphoma treatment. LiDona had just finished treatment for breast cancer. That was almost 12 years ago. \
This week LiDona organized a prayer vigil for Sandra, who was an a New York hospital getting radiation treatments for metastasized breast cancer in her brain. For the first days, it was for healing. Yesterday, LiDona let us know that it is now for Sandra's transition.
When she started treatment, just a few months ago, Sandra let us know that this was an aggressive cell, but I  was confident she'd beat it. I sent her the manuscript of my book in the hope that she'd find it helpful. We talked sometime in November. She said she wrote a response to my book, but somehow I never received it.
She was dynamic, passionate, committed and loving. Our E.I./ICA community will miss her. May her family be comforted. She goes with much love.